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Donna Collinsworth
Evolution Of A Design
By Donna Collinsworth
I’ve been asked many times about designing: where I get my ideas, how do I begin, etc.  So I thought I’d show from beginning to end how I came up with the Pansy Hot Pad pattern.

On Facebook I was asked if I could design a pansy hot pad by someone.  

Now you know where I get a lot of my ideas: I’m asked.

I knew what a pansy looked like.  I had even used the pansy motif in many of my designs, but I was faced with how to take this:
A 3-inch ruffled flower and turn it into something that was flat so a pot could easily sit on top it.

I dug around in my yarn stash and picked out a couple of yarns made by Red Heart.  One was Aran and the other Deft Blue.  The only reason I picked those was because they were close to the top, looked like they would go together and I had enough for the design.
That answers another question I’m asked: How do you pick the colors you use?  Either they just look good to me at the time or I happen to have enough in my stash.