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Granny Square Inserts
Free Crochet Pattern
By Donna Collinsworth  of Donna’s Crochet Designs
MATERIALS: Purchased white knit shirt, size 10 thread in white, maize and mint greed, size 7 hook or hook to obtain gauge, sharp pair of scissors, needle to take crochet thread and either a sewing machine or needle and thread.
(In my example I used a size Large Juniors shirt, 150 yds of maize and mint green thread and 250 yds of white thread.)
 Gauge:   1 sq. = 2 1\2”
With color A and 7 hook ch-6 sl st to form a ring.
RND 1: Ch-3, work 15 dc in ring, sl st top beg ch-3, do not turn.
RND 2: Ch-5, * (dc, ch-2) next st * rep ** around, sl st 3rd ch of beg ch-5, do not turn.
RND 3: Sl st next ch-2 sp, ch-3, 2 dc same sp as ch-3, * ch-1, 3 dc next sp * rep bet around, ch-1, sl st top beg ch-3, do not turn.
RND 4: Sl st next 2 sts, sc next ch-1 sp, * ch-6, sc next ch-1 sp, (ch-3, sc next ch-1 sp) 3 times, * rep bet ** around ending with ch-3, sl st top beg sc, fasten off.
RND 5: Join white thread in any ch-6 sp, ch-3, (4 dc, ch-2, 5 dc) same sp, * 3 dc next 3 sps, (5 dc, ch-2, 5 dc) next ch-6 sp, * rep bet ** 3 times, 3 dc next 3 sps, sl st top beg ch-3, fasten off.
Alternating between mint ant maze center circles, make enough blocks to make two rows that fit around the waist of your purchased shirt.  Sew them tog first in rows and then as one piece.  Pin to shirt (right side shirt to wrong side design) and sew along the top and bottom of crochet piece.  Carefully cut away the back of the shirt.
Rep for both sleeve bands.
Please note: if you happen to end up with two of the same color blocks tog after sewing the rows end to end, simply place them at a side or under arm seam to be less noticeable.