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Siamese Cat Scarf Crochet Pattern 4.99 US
The pattern features instruction to make either a 58" long scarf or a 40" long scarf as well as a single layer scarf.
The scarf is made using a large L hook to keep it light an airy. The remaining parts are made using a size H crochet hook, while the eyes are made with a size 7 hook.
The cat's head is made of different pieces made separately and then layered and sewn together.
You will need worsted weight yarn in Aran, black and pink, size 10 crochet thread in black and blue, size L & H & 7 crochet hooks, needle to take yarn, needle to take crochet thread and small amount of stuffing for the legs.
You will need to know how to single crochet, half double crochet, double crochet and decrease.
This is a pattern of my own design. Author holds all rights.